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Improving Government Response to Citizen Requests Online

With Garren Gaut, Andrea Navarette, Paul van der Boor, Adolfo de Unánue, Jorge Díaz, Eduardo Clark, and Rayid Ghani,
Forthcoming at COMPASS

Reports and Articles

Does Terrorism Work? The Goals of Violent Actors, and how to Avoid Giving them What they Want.

December 2016, Global Policy Journal

Volatile Years: Transnational Terrorism in 2027.

Report from a year-long international foresight summit, I participated as US delegate on the transnational terrorism working group for the Global Governance Futures Group by Bosch Foundation. Authored with Aryaman Bhatnagar, Elisa D. Lux, Yuan Ma, Minako Manome, Sarah Markiewicz, and Fanglu Sun.

Readiness and Stochastic Risk Assessment

Conducted with the Institute for Defense Analyses.

Energy and Readiness

Conducted wit the Institute for Defense Analyses